Hello KBBMA parents and students,

Winter is approaching and we would like to start our winter protocols in advance to enhance and protect our students and staff’s safety. We will implement our new safety guidelines from now on to help our school run smoothly during the winter season. Our new guidelines are:

  1. Masks are highly recommended-If you do not have any medical conditions that prevent you from wearing a mask, we highly recommend you wear a mask to help protect yourself and others.
  1. Arrive on time-Please try to arrive on time. There will be transition and cleaning time after each class.  We don’t want to have the students waiting too long outside, especially during the winter.
  1. Bring a winter Jacket-We would like to ask all students to bring their jackets or something warm while waiting in line outside. We understand that some parents drive, but the students will have to wait a few minutes while we disinfect the mats, check temperatures, and sanitize the students’ hands. We put the white storage containers right next to the individual shoe tray. Therefore, the students can have their jackets in the containers
  1. Pick-up child on time-Please try to pick-up your child(s) on time. With your cooperation, we can have time to clean and decrease the amount of students in the school.

With the recent rise of Coronavirus cases and the coming flu season, we want to continue to make the school a safe place for the students and staff. We know implementing our winter protocol seems a little early, but we want to start practicing now to prepare for the cold weather. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you parents and students for your understanding and cooperation!!!


Kind Regards,

Master Kang’s Black Belt Martial Arts